Practice Areas

Family Law


I'm a man who also has a family so once anybody or any client cry to me for help, i am ever ready to help him/her because i am a very symphatetic person who has a heart.


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Property Law

​I'm also a man who has the right to do what is right.


If you think you will apply from me then i will deduct money from you just for nothing, i think you are a joker, try me and see what i can do.


The property owner who came for a request will go home smiling, that is my company for you.


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Criminal Law


I'm a man who has financial and christian fear for God, so if you think you can come to my company and try to fraud me or steal from me, it will be a battle between you and God.


If you know your hands are clean, you will go home smiling with a clean loan in your bank account.